Vidua Vastae

Vidua Vastae (“The Haven of the Desolate Widow”)is a hermetic covnenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. It is the headquarters and mustering point of House Tremere in Scotland, and as such has been built for defence. It occupies a headland on the coast of Angus that is surrounded by sea cliffs on three sides and is connected to the mainland by a narrow ridge. The Tremere and their servants have further fortified the site, turning it into an almost impregnable fortress.

The name of the covenant refers to the Lady Isadore Cospatric who, abandoned on her wedding day nearly 200 years ago, still haunts the orginal tower keep. The magi are loathe to get rid of her as they believe that she is responsible for their magical aura. The founders also believed that they needed a ‘haven’ against the wrath of their enemies (notably Severine, see below). As ‘vidua’ also refers to someone who has been made bereft, the name is doubly fitting.

Notable Magi

Notable magi of Vidua Vasta include:

  • Faustina ex Tremere, Tribune (head of the House) of the Loch Leglean Tribunal;
  • Davros ex Tremere, a middle-aged forest mage who is representative of the Burning Acorn Vexillation (whose task is to discover the whereabouts of the leaders of House Diedne.)
  • Artaxus ex Verditius, a crafter of magical swords and sails, now nearing Final Twilight

Vidua Vastae

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