Transylvania Tribunal

The Transylvanian Tribunal

Between two empires is a land of high mountains and dark forests, of great rivers and fertile plains. The richest king in Mythic Europe rules Hungary, but his nobles are restless and the Teutonic Knights he invited to guard his borders want no overlord. Other small kingdoms play east and west against each other, tolerating heresy in their search for freedom. The mountains are the home of countless dragons, and vampires stalk the peasants in their villages. To the east, a greater storm gathers.

One force brings light to the darkness. Here, where a lord need not swear fealty for his land, the magi of the Order of Hermes may rule openly without violating the Code. Here, in the heartland of House Tremere, the gifts and talents of all magi may be brought together, to cooperate for the good of the world. Here can be seen the shape of the new order that the Tremere wish to bring.

Notable Covenants

The Oppidum of Coeris

  • Primus Poena of Tremere
  • Angiola of Tremere
  • Dominic of Tytalus, Aedile of Coeris
  • Horatius of Tremere
  • Janus of Tremere
  • Juturnus of Tremere
  • Tatiana of Tremere

The Oppidum of Laniena (Hungary)

  • Lexander of House Tremere
  • Murat the Younger
  • Magus Ex Miscellanea

The Oppidum of Evredika (Bulgaria)

  • Oeagrus Ex Miscellanea
  • Bozhidar Ex Miscellanea
  • Yekaterina of House Tremere

The Oppidum of Seuthopolis (Bulgaria)

  • Benilda of Guernicus
  • Caledonia of Guernicus
  • Saturnino of Criamon, Marshal of Transylvania
  • Scipio of Guernicus
  • Terencia of Tremere, Lictor, Aedile
  • Vigilia of Guernicus

Tablinum (Bulgaria)

  • Nestor, Curator of Tablinum
  • Demetrius, Aedile of Tablinum
  • Theodora and Theodore

The Oppida of Histria (Serbia)

  • Accursius Adiran, Chief Mercere
  • Leontine Adiran of Tytalus
  • Pahniro Adiran of Tremere,
  • Aedile of Old Histria
  • Placido Adiran of Tremere, Aedile of Shrouded Bay
  • Priscilla of Verditius
  • Volante Adiran, Gifted Mercere

The Oppidum of Lycaneon (The Transylvanian Saxon Border)

  • Archmagus Albertus of Tremere, Praeco of Transylvania
  • Arhmina of Ex Miscellanea
  • Clement of Tremere
  • Phillip of Tremere
  • Archmagus Zalmoxis of Verditius

The Oppidum of the Scholomance (The Transylvanian Border)

  • Simium Arileins of House Bjornaer
  • Andrew Melanchthon of House Tremere

The Oppidum of Kezdö Válasz (The Vlachs)

  • Essedarius of House Tremere
  • Leona of House Tremere
  • Adulio of House Tremere
  • Neculai of House Bjornaer

Transylvania Tribunal

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