The Roman Tribunal

The Roman Tribunal is comprised of the Italian peninsula, the historic districts of Lombardy and Verona, the Papal State, the KIngdom of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, and parts of North Africa. Harco, domus magna of House Mercere; Magvillus, domus magna of House Guernicus; and Verdi, domus magna of House Verditius are found here. This is the tribunal where magi are most involved in the world— living in cities, having political relationships with aristocrats, and selling their magical wares to mundanes. Most of the members of the Order here are quite cosmopolitan, and spend a great deal of time in the great cities. Some do not belong to covenants, or do so only in name. Relations among the covenants and magi are a nightmare mass of Byzantine political machinations.It is a historic area rich in politics and intrigue Hermetic, ecclesiastical and mundane, but weak in magical resources. The Dominion is very strong here, but so too is the Infernal. Despite this, there are many Covenants in the region. More information can be found in the Ars Magica supplement Rome.

Covenants of the Roman Tribunal

Harco, Domus Magna of House Mercere (Alps)
Literatus (Bologna)
Magvillus, Domus Magna of House Guernicus
Verdi, domus Magna of House Verditius (Sardenia)
Rellantali (Sardenia)
Lucatio (Lombardy)
Ferital (Genoa)
Vardian’s Tomb (Rome)
Postestas (Adriatic Coast)
Sansaron (Old Carthage)


The Roman Tribunal

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