Sophia Trianoma Detailed Character Creation

Sophia Trianomae

Quaerentes in Extremis
House Bonisagus
Age: 23
Size: -1
Confidence: 1

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +2, Str -3, Sta +1, Prs 0, Com +2, ,Dx +1, Qik -1

The Gift (free, special)
Affinity with Intellego (Hermetic)
Book Learner (General, minor)
Cautious Sorcerer (Hermetic)
Clear Thinker (General, minor)
Figurine Magic (Supernatural)
Hermetic Magus (free Social Status)
Puissant Intrigue (free)
Secondary Insight (Major Hermetic)
Quiet Magic (Hermetic)
Well-Traveled (General, minor)

Deficient Technique: Perdo (Major Hermetic)
Deleterious Circumstances: Loud Noise (Hermetic)
Fostered Apprentice (Story)
Seeker (Personality)
Small Frame (General, minor)
Twilight Prone (Major Hermetic)

Alps Lore 1 (geography)
Artes Liberales 2 (astronomy)
Awareness 1 (noticing watchers)
Black Forest Lore 1 (personalities)
Charm 1 (witty)
Code of Hermes 1 (apprentices)
Concentration 2 (reading)
Etiquette 2 (Hermetic)
Folk Ken 3 (magi)
Greek 3 (prose)
Guile 2 (pretended innocence)
Intrigue 1 (plots)
Italian 5 (prose)
Latin 4 (Hermetic usage)
Magic Lore 1 (regiones)
Magic Theory 3 (harmonizer)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (history)
Parma Magica 1 (Mentem)
Philosophiae 2 (ceremonial magic)
Stealth 1 (sneaking)
Craft 1 (figurines)

Creo 4
Intellego 9
Muto 3
Rego 1
Auram 2
Aquam 2
Ignem 2
Imaginem 5
Mentem 7
Terram 1
Vim 4

Cloak of the Duck’s Feathers
Whispering Winds
Wizard’s Sidestep
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie
Posing the Silent Question
Thoughts Within Babble
Crystal Dart
Wizard’s Communion

Background and experience point notes

My early life in that small chamber, amid the light of candles and Mother’s quiet voice.

The Gift virtue I suppose I was born with the spark of magic.
Italian 5 (prose) (free) My first memories are of her reading to me aloud.
Folk Ken 3 (30) From her vivid tellngs and fragmented encounters with others, I learned of people.
Awareness 1 (5) In our sparse trips outdoors, held in her arms, I treasured every sight.
Charm 1 (witty) 5 My greatest joy was the rare occasion when I could spark her laughter.
Guile 1 (5) Jokes, games and jests, the simple joys of childhood, prepared me for a less earnest life
45 points

My childhood in the orphanage, watched by nuns and taught but never trusted.

​Guile 2 (pretended innocence) 10 I learned early how and when to play the fool.
Concentration 2 (reading) 15 My furtive visits to the nearby library were the highlight of those days.
Stealth 1 (sneaking) 5 ​​_I practiced until I could keep quiet as a mouse, and hide the signs of my passage._

Small Frame flaw​ ​My small size was helpful in avoiding being found.

Awareness 1 (noticing watchers)(1) I learned to know when I was being seen, and when it was safe to read.

Book Learner virtue​ ​_Bereft of mother, the books themselves were my best teachers._

Craft (Sculptor) 1 (5) Sculpting small figures of saints or angels was seen as more proper for a girl.
-Etiquette 1 (5) Though not the schooling I’d have chosen, the lessons​ in manners​ were schooling nonetheless.

Clear Thinker virtue ​_If nothing else, those days taught me the need to keep a clear head.​_

Intrigue 1 (5) Gossip and backbiting, as unpleasant as it was, taught me the beginnings of subtlety.

  • 45 points*

Bartolo taught me well those six years, but I would not succeed his Guernicus line.

Artes Liberales 1 (5) Here my child’s literacy bloomed into scholarship.
Philosophiae 1 (5) The seeds of knowledge found fertile soil in my mind.
Latin 3 (Hermetic usage) (30) The Latin books of the Order opened a new world to me.

Secondary Insight virtue I developed a deep intuition for the way all the Arts, both Techniques and Forms, interrelated.
Affinity with Intellego virtue Spells of knowing were my strong suit, a specialty Bartolo encouraged.
Deficient Technique Perdo flaw _On the other hand, destruction unnerved me, and the spells even now elude my grasp.
Quiet Magic virtue Studying in silence, I became adept at casting without raising my voice.
Deleterious Circumstances flaw Though, I must admit, such training ill prepared me to cast under pressure or amid noise.
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (history) (5) _Yet the scandals of the Order’s history terrified me.
Intrigue 1 (plots) (5) I took my master’s call to seek out and uproot wrongdoing perhaps too seriously.
Code of Hermes 1 (apprentices) (5) Convinced the Quaesitore’s path was not mine, I researched a different path.
Magic Theory 3 (30) To that end I would master as much of the theory of magecraft as I could.
80 points

As an apprentice of Ariadne, I learned a side of the Order I’d not suspected.

Philosophiae 2 (ceremonial magic) 10 _Metaphysics could be applied directly to strengthen the fabric of ones spells.
Artes Liberales 2 (​astronomy) ​ ​ 10 _Stars were no longer dots on maps, but brilliant lights guiding our way outdoors.
Well-Traveled virtue We traveled throughout Italy, to Greece and Germany and stranger places.
Alps Lore 1 (geography) 5 I could never forget those majestic mountains.
Black Forest Lore 1 (personalities) 5 The guiding lights of Durenmar were almost as memorable.
Etiquette 2 (Hermetic) 10 Like a bird forced to fly, I learned politics to survive.
Greek 3 (prose) 30 The calm arguments of Plato were a refuge from the intrigue.

Puissant Intrigue virtue _But urged on by my mentor, I came to enjoy the schemes and plotting.
_Latin 4 (Hermetic usage) 20 Latin was a living language used in vigorous debate among magi from all nations.
Fostered Apprentice flaw I kept in touch with Bartolo, and with Ariadne’s first apprentice, both mentors to me.
Magic Theory 3 (harmonizer) Many theories of magic foreign to our own existed, but all could be one day grasped.
Figurine Magic virtue Fully or partially, many of these had already been brought into Hermetic science.
Magic Lore 1 (regiones) 5 Magic was deeper than books and theories; whole other realms existed in its depths.
Twilight Prone flaw I somehow felt that some day, those depths might swallow me whole.
Cautious Sorcerer virtue And so I practiced caution and care when weaving magic.
Parma Magica 1 (Mentem) 5 _ It was impressed on me the importance of keeping ones own thoughts secret and safe._

50 - +80- 130

- Hermetic Magus social status virtue With the completion of my apprentice’s Gauntlet, I was finally a maga in my own right.-

Creo 4 10
Intellego 9 30
Muto 3 6
Rego 1 1
Auram 2 3
Aquam 2 3
Ignem 2 3
Imaginem 5 15
Mentem 7 28
Terram 1 1
Vim 4 10

+130 Abilities
240 points spent in total

Cloak of the Duck’s Feathers 5 ReAquam
Whispering Winds 15 InAuram
Wizard’s Sidestep 10 ReImaginem
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie 20 InMentem
Posing the Silent Question 20 InMentem
Thoughts Within Babble 25 InMentem
Crystal Dart 10 MuTerram
Wizard’s Communion 15 MuVim
120 levels of spells known

Sophia Trianoma Detailed Character Creation

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