Requies Aerterna

A small Ex Miscellanea covenant facing winter, Requiaes Aeterna is the nominal seat of power to a tradition known as the Donatores Requietis Aeternae, who are dedicated to aiding the dead to depart the world of the living. Virtually unimportant politically, the covenant is but a shadow of its former glory. It is located in the ruins of the original town of Nesle, which was rebuilt after the battle with the cult of the dead and the Donatores. There are only two magi left.


Eulogius of House Ex Miscellanea – at 130, he is perhaps the last remaining founding member of the Donatores. He came to town of Nesle when it was overrun by the dead and survived the final battle which destroyed this town.

Henri Ex Miscellanea – is Eulogius’ last student who as remained out of a since of duty to his pater and to his tradition.

Requies Aerterna

Quaerentes in Extremis seniormagus seniormagus