Oleron descends from an Arthurian Faerie Court. Its members are mostly Merinita, and they are intimately associated with the faeries in the Court. Youngest among the Great Lieges, it nonetheless holds great power in the Tribunal. It is located within a Faerie regio on the island of Oleron from which it takes its name. Its mundane anchor is a place called Verger du Mille des Pommes, The Orchard of Sour Apples, and once inside one can easily see that it is always summer.


Caprican of Merinita – the covenant’s leader and champion. He is married to Lysette a heir of the original faerie queen here. He recently had a daughter named Columbine and he believes that means it is time for a new champion to defeat him and marry his daughter, the new faerie heir.

Amelie of Merinita – spokewoman for the covenant, she may be encountered traveling on covenant business.

Quintinus of Verditius – not liking the competition inherent in his house he has found Oleron to be a refuge. He is skilled in making cider, which he turns into magical potions.


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