Best Summae

Code of Hermes Codex of Alberius, The Fourth (L2, Q13)
Magic Theory Magic Theoriam Fora (L8, Q16)
Order of Hermes Lore Codex of Alberius, The First (L2, Q13)

Table of Books
Art Title Type Level, Quality Best Summa
Creo Springtime: Rebirth of Life Summa L11. Q15 yes
Inteligo none
Muto Changes Summa L15, Q15 yes
De Transmutationibus Tractacus L10
Perdo Gift of Destruction, Everyday Book of Entropy Summa L11, Q13 yes
The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel Tractus L 8
Rego The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel Tractus L 8
Animal Bestia Testa (Bestial Shell) Summa L15, Q10 yes
Aurum Unveiling the Tempest Summa L14 Q16 yes
Aquam none
Corpus The Four Humours in Hermetic Theory Summa L14, Q17 yes
Elegy of Geraint Tractatus L5
Herbam Guardians of the Forest Summa L15, Q15 yes
Ignem Codex of Alberius, The Fourth Summa L6, Q12 yes
Infideles Adolebit Tractatus L8
Imaginem False Perceptions Summa Vol 1 L8, Q6, Vol 2 L12, Q5 yes
Mentem Necronomicon Keltoi Summa L15, Q15 yes
Terram De Lapii Summa L17,Q14 yes
Vis none


Bestia Testa (Bestial Shell)
Author: Gorog of Bjornaer
Summa on Animal (Quality 10, Level15)
Language: LAtin
_The Bestial Shell is a text on Animal by Gorog of Bjornaer, written late in the eighth century. Gorog was a prolific writer for a Bjornaer of that era, and was a formative influence in the Harmonist/Wilderist debate. He himself never fully sided with either position, taking the stand that it was the nature of a Bjornaer Magus to be torn between the two. _
Cost: 25

Summa for Muto (Quality 15, Level 15)
Topic: Muto;
Author: David of Bouvaines ex Criamon
Language: Latin;
Subject: Study of seasonal changes.
This books is an enigmatic exploration of the Agricultural year, portraying how the Seasons are significant in a society that is dependent on the interaction of man and nature. Adaption, interaction, and utilization are needed to meet the changes in everyday life.
Cost: 30

Codex of Alberius, The First
Summa for:
Mentem (Level 8, Quality 12)
Order of Hermes Lore (Level 2, Quality 13)
Author: Alberius of Bonisagus
Language: Latin
Subject: Rational Thought;
Wrapped in grey kid hide, the folio measures twelve inches by fourteen inches. The inside cover has Alberius of Bonisagus’ sigil engraved into the poplar wood and painted a shade of cobalt. The whole book shines with a faint, sky-blue light when left in a dark room. The text discusses the nuances of rational thought compared to emotional response while considering the nature of memory. An appendix considers the Sundering and its xmpact on the Order. Hermetic investigation reveals the book has been opened as an enchanted device, but has not been clarified.
Cost: 35

Codex of Alberius, The Fourth
Summa for:
Ignem (Level 6, Quality 12)
Code of Hermes (Level 2, Quality 13)
Language: Latin
Subject: Practical and social uses of fire.
Obviously crafted by the same artisan as the First Codex, this folio is wrapped in tanned and oiled brown leather. The inside cover has Alberius of Bonisagus’ sigil engraved into the poplar wood and painted a shade of cobalt. The whole book shines with a faint, sky-blue light when left in a dark room. It also appears to have been opened as an enchanted device, but has not been clarified. The manuscript discusses the practical and social uses of fire and the role of light within the Art. An appendix investigates the consequences of violence against mundane society by Hermetic wizards, particularly in situations involving Ignem.
Cost: 33

De Excidio Britanniae
Tractacus for:
Britain Lore (6)
Faerie Lore (3)
Language: Latin
Author Unknown
Subject: Britain
Scribed on vellum and bound in oak wrapped with leather, this is a sixth-century diatribe written in Latin by the monk, Gildas, which gives some insight into “dark age” Britain and the situation following the departure of the Romans. The pages of this octavo are a bit swollen, and its binding is loose. This has reduced its Qualities both by 4. A season of repair by a bookbinder restores its Qualities to 10 and 7. It measures five inches by nine inches.
Cost: 9

De Lapii
Author: Jeremias filius Guernicus
Summa on Terram (Level 17, Quality 14)
Language : Latin
Cost: 31

De Transmutationibus
Tractacus for Muto (10)
Language: Latin;
Author: Ferris s. Merinita
Cost: 10

The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel
Tractacus for:
Rego (8)
Perdo (8)
Faerie Lore (8)
Author Unknown
Language: Irish, notes in Latin
Subject: Conair Mor, High King of Ireland
The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel, or Togail Bruidne Dá Derga, is an Old Irish language epic written in a neat hand on a parchment palimpsest of sixty pages bound between two polished boards of yew and trimmed in copper. Notes in the margins are written in eloquent Latin. A simple leather cord holds the book shut. It recounts the birth, life, and death of Conaire Mor, a legendary High King of Ireland, who is killed at Da Derga’s hostel by his enemies when he breaks his geasa.
Cost: 40

Elegy of Geraint
Tractatus for:
Corpus (5)
Faerie Lore (6)
Wales Lore (5)
Subject: The Battle of Llongborth (c. 480)
This takes the form of a weathered text written on a series of long, rolled, scraped goat-hides sewn end to end and kept in a tube fashioned from a hollowed out thigh bone of a bull painted black. It is sealed on either end with an embossed brass plug. Composed by an unknown author, it details The Battle of Llongborth (c. 480) in an English translation of a sixth-century Welsh poem. Notes detailing some points relating to Faerie who may have taken part in the conflict are written in the margins. These are clearly claimed by a certain Heraclax of House Merinita. In its current form, the text is considered damaged and its qualities have been halved.
Cost: 16

False Perceptions
Author: Vastalli ex Merinita
Vol 1: Summa on Imaginem (Level 8 Quality 6)
Vol 2: Summa on Imaginem (Level 12 Quality 5)
Vol 3: missing (Level 15 Quality 7)
Vol 1-3: Tractus on Faerie Magic (Level 12)
Language: Latin
A three-book collection that delves into various aspects of illusions. Book one surveys the mechanics behind generating different types of illusions, including how to design rituals that can be used to automate illusions. Book two talks about the history of hermetic magic and illusions, and includes many excerpts from other volumes. The third and final book discusses the art of using sound in illusions, with en emphasis on enhancing the quality of music. Throughout all three volumes there is talk of how this Art more than any of the others in Hermetic magic, has been heavily influenced by fairy magic.
Cost: 31(65)

The Four Humours in Hermetic Theory
Author: Bombastus von Hohenheim of Bonisagus
Summa on Corpus (Quality 17; Level 14)
Language: Latin
“Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may lie in medicines.” This Hermetical work views that sickness and health in the body relied on the harmony of man (microcosm) and Nature (macrocosm). It takes a different approach from prior scholars to say this analogy does not apply to soul-purification but means that humans must have certain balances of minerals in their bodies, and that certain illnesses of the body had chemical remedies that could cure them.
Cost: 31

Gift of Destruction, Everyday Book of Entropy”
Author: Hermenn of Tremere
Summa for Perdo (Quality: 13; Level: 11)
Language: Latin;
Subject: Death and Rotting;

La Mort le Roi Artu (The Death of King Arthur); 26
Summa for England Lore (Level 4, Quality 10)
Tractatus for:
Magic Lore (8)
Faerie Lore (8)
Language: French
Author: Guillaume de Lorris
Here are the stories about Arthur’s death found in Vulgate Cycle called La Mort le Roi Artu. Though, the death of Arthur was central theme, the story was really about Lancelot: his adultery with Queen Guinevere that led to Arthur’s downfall and the end of the Golden Age of Chivalry. The book is fairly new and was acquired from a Jewish book dealer who travels from England to Scotland.
Cost: 38

Guardians of the Forest
Author: Kerranus of Bonisagus
Type: Summa for Herbam (Quality: 15; Level: 15)
Tractatus for:
Forest Lore (10)
Sustain A Spell of Herbam (?) (6);
Language: Latin
This exploration of the ancient forests of germany includes accounts of Duremar, the Black Forest, and other great woods. The forest are applicable to other ancient woods such as the caledonian woods. The book is set within an oak and holly book cover. The writing is clear but there are notations that appear to be in some form of personal cypher.
Cost: 47

Infideles Adolebit
Tractatus for:
Ignam (8)
Penetration (8)
Mastery of Pilum of Fire (10)
Labtext for Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20)
A small bound volume with mostly superficial fire damage to the scorched leather cover and outer pages. While the author is known, the content suggest a Milates of Flambeau.
Cost: 30

Necronomicon Keltoi
Author: Unknown.
Summa for Mentem (Quality 15, Level 15);
Ring of Warding Against Spirits (ReVi35)
Language: Latin
A study of Celtic spiritual beliefs and legends regarding death and the afterlife scribed in a scratched and weathered leather bound codex, this manuscript is written with a faint black and silver ink in a very petite handwriting. A silver button embossed with knot work and affixed to the cover allows a leather lace to tie the tome shut. The book is an octavo format, measuring five inches by eight inches. A warning has been hastily scribed on the inside back cover, indicating "she won’t stop until she has it back!
Cost: 33

Magic Theoriam Fora
Author: Siegfried of Roi
Summa for Magic Theory (Quality: 16, Level: 8);
Language: Latin;
Cost: 40

Modos Magstorum
Type: Tractatus;
Concentration (9)
Finesse (11)
Magic Theory (10)
Order of Hermes Lore (6)
Penetration (10)
Language: Latin;
Editor: Rupert ex Bonisagi
A collection of vellum manuscripts kept in a wooden box bearing the sigil of Rupert ex Bonisagi, a noted librarian of Durenmar in the 11th Century. The collection of glossed essays, each page written in a neat hand with the main text in black and Rupert’s commentary in red ink.
Cost: 46

Springtime: Rebirth of Life
Type: Summa;
Topic: Creo (Level 11, Quality 15)
Language: Latin;
Author: David of Bouvaines ex Criamon.
Study of creo as the bringer of life.; The three months of the spring season bring about the revitalization of all things in nature. It is the time of birth. Since spring is the season of the liver, and indulgence in anger, frustration, depression, sadness, or any excess emotion can injure the liver, so to open creo one must be open to all things.

Unveiling the Tempest
Type: Summa
Topic: Auram (Level 14, Quality 16);
Language: Latin
Subject: Veiled history and aurum in combat
Author: Unknown

Verdenta: Tales of Hibernia
Type: Tractatus;
Quality: 8;
Topic: Area Lore(Hibernia);
Language: Latin;
Subject: Hibernia;
Author: Salazar Trianoma

Total Build Points: 501

Casting Tablets

Aegis of the Hearth
Technique: Rego; Form: Vim; Range: Touch, +1; Duration:
Year, +4; Target: Bound, +4; Ritual: Yes; Design: Base 5, +4
Year, +4 Bound, +1 Touch
Cost: 8

All Lab Texts

Wizard’s Communion MuVi10
Ring of Warding Against Spirits ReMe25
Pilum of Fire CrIg20
The Bountiful Feast CrHe35
Awaken the Slumbering Corpse ReCo25
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi25
The Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch CrCo20
Aegis of the Hearth ReVi25
Death of Vermin PeAn20
Repair Cracks And Tears CrAn20
Total Spells Levels: 225
Total Build Points: 45


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