Hibernia Tribunal

The Hibernian Tribunal

This Tribunal encompasses Ireland and its associated isles and was long a stronghold of House Diedne. Hibernia is a highly magical place with much unsettled land and large populations of faeries. Magi have been attracted to the Emerald Isle, because here they can escape much of the Dominion and have access to its rich magical resources. The magi of Hibernia respect the land and its supernatural inhabitants, granting much of the Tribunal’s area to hedge traditions and allowing supernatural creatures a vote at Tribunal. Now, magi from elsewhere in the Order have come to “reform” the Peripheral Code, laying siege to and taking one of the Irish covenants. All the while, the local magi continue to fight each other.

The Tribunal grants special rights to magical creatures, including the faerie Tuatha De Danaan, the magic Fir Bolg and Formorach, in areas known as “Liberties”.

Notable Covenants

The Pact of Oiread (Connaught)
Praesis (Connaught)
Ashenrise (Leinster)
Lámbaird (Leinster)
Leth Cuinn (Ulster)
Paruchia of Nerius (Leinster)
Circulus Ruber (Meath)
Cllffheart (Meath)
Elk’s Run (Meath)
Mercer House of Leth Moga (Meath)
Mercere House of Leth Cuinn (Ulster)
Qui Sonant Pro Quieto (Ulster)
Vigil (Ulster)

Hibernia Tribunal

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