Glen Geasadair

Glen Geasadair

Glen Geasadair (‘valley of the sorcerors’) is a Highland covnenant in the Loch Leglean Tribunal. It dates before the founding of House Ex Miscelaneous and the war against Damhan-Allaidh, and is sliding from autumn into winter. It was the original base of Parlix’s ally Damhadh Duidsan.

All but one of the magi at Glen Geasadair are members of the Damhadh Duidsan, a tradition of native gaelic wizards who claim membership in the ex Miscellanea. The covenant leaders hold tremendous sway over the tradition, no matter where they may find themselves. They are also known to have connections to the giants of Sutherland and Caithness. It si a large covenant with usually 8 to 10 magi in residence.

Entering its turb are related clansmen many of whom have been changed by living in Glen Geasadair. OVer the last few decades, the glan itself has grown darker as has the mmod of its inhabitants.

The magi of Glen Geasadair are strongly interventionist, making few distinctions between its magi and the clans that most of them call kin. Faustina ex Tremere has remarked in the past that Glen Geasadair would make war upon the King of Scots, the Pope or Christ himself if their kin required them to do so.

Notable Magi

  • Ranald the Gaunt, Ard Ri of the covenant.
  • Cynbel the Black
  • Drust
  • Fedelmid Ever Good
  • Slughadhan (“Raider”)
  • Scrymgeour the Bear
  • Astor Mor
  • Crannus

Glen Geasadair

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