Mixed houses, including Verditius, Jerbiton and Merinita. Florum is, in fact, a collection of smaller covenants which act under the same name. For all legal purposes, however, Florum, at Ghent, is the actual covenant; the others being no more than the places individual magi chose to live at. Initially founded where the Palais du Araignée is currently located, Florum was moved to Ghent in the 10th century. Florum and its vassals depend on the growing textile business (especially fine silk) in the lower countries for their income, which means they do not lack for mundane riches. Vassals include Requies Aerterna and Spider’s Palace.


Rhesus ex Verditus – The 85 year old head of the covenant.

Calvinus ex Jerbiton - Calvinus is 59, and deals with the mundanes of Ghent. His specialities are Imagonem and Mentem.

Alroy ex Flambeau – Alroy is the covenant’s champion, though at 82 he has run out of things he wants to do. He has recently started training an apprentice.

Prunellie of Merinita – at 104 she has spent her career studying urban faeries such as gnomes and kabouters.


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