Located in Paris, Eboris was founded after the Archmagus Mathieus ex Jerbiton fled Constantinople after it was sacked. Mathieus has no further goals in expanding his Hermetic knowledge, and the covenant is not much interested in study. While there are normally a handful of young Jerbiton magi, sometimes apprentices, here nobody can always know who they are, and their exact number, varies from year to year. There are only two members,


Archmagus Mathieus ex Jerbiton – Mathieus is a skilled Archmage, but has lost interest in furthering his Hermetic skills. He seeks comfort, and has some artistic and political pursuits as well. He is known to be a supporter of the French King, though there does not appear to be a Hermetic element to that support.

Marcus of Paris ex Mercere – Marcus helps Mathieus run the covenant.


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