Devil and Pike

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The Devil and Pike is a fortified inn a few hours walk from Sterling on the road to St Andrews, in Scotland. It serves as a waystation for pilgrims heading to the ecclesiastical centre of Scotland, highlanders on their annual cattle drives, and such other travellers as the lowlands see from time to time.

Its sign shows a skeletal devil holding a long fish by the tail. This obvious parody of christian symbolism has given the inn something of an unsavoury reputation, and the burghers of St Andrews occasionally hear rumors of diabolic activities in the inn’s cellar, or murders in its attic.


In actual fact, there is no infernal taint to the inn whatsoever. It does serve as the unofficial headquarters of the redcaps, messengers of the Order of Hermes, in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, which ensures a steady trickle of Gifted, and otherwise socially outcast, individuals through its doors. This maintains its reputation and serves to dissuade casual snooping from ecclesiastical officials.

It also has a hidden tunnel system that the redcaps sometimes use. This is especially true for those redcaps who carry the fae blood of the lowland goblins. In fact, the tavern’s “bouncer” is Bobo (short for Bobodha) an thick armed redcap, who is often sent as muscle with the covenant’s messengers when necessary.

Many of the covenant members use magical items created by the Maga Spindle-Whorl, an elderly Verditius aonaran, who the redcaps of the tribunal protect.

Vis Bank

While the Loch Leglean Tribunal has always been vis-rich, its magi do occasionally have difficulty finding the particular type of vis they require for their projects. Through its travelling redcaps, the Devil and Pike offers loans of particular flavours of vis in return for payment at a later date.

Obviously, this necessitates the storage of significant sums of vis at, or near, the inn. The magi of Loch Leglean may drool at the thought of the treasures to be had by raiding, but the Devil and Pike has not yet suffered any serious theft.

Notable Magi & Redcaps

  • Aethella
  • Birgit
  • Bobo
  • Dallan
  • Douglas
  • Guy Clavius
  • Aikin Dool
  • Maria
  • Scipio

Devil and Pike

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