Associated with the church, it has some Holy magi and Mercere who operate at the Champagne Fairs. Placed in the village of Cunfin, in Champagne, Cunfin is, unusually, home both to magi and monks. As unusual as this combination may be, it has kept the Order informed of the internal issues in the Church. Despite the difficulties offered by the Dominion aura, Cunfin attracts the visit of several magi, especially for the rumours of a successful marriage between Magic and the Divine that they practice.

The magus Celeres, head of Cunfin, is the world’s foremost scholar on the Grail, King Arthur and Merlin. He is very hospitable, if very odd, and possesses many books on the Grail and Arthurian times, as well as French Romances and British history.


Eloi of Jerbiton – The brothers of the abbey know him as Brother Eligius, their prior. He met Angelus in a cave outside Cunfin and became a follower of St. Nerius, trying to bridge the gap between magic and God. He spends most of his time in the Abbey.

Angelus of Ex Micellanea – at 97, Angelus still lives in his cave as a holy hermit.

Celeres of Bonisagus – at 150? his is obsessed with King Arthus. He has an original copy of CHretian de Troyes Perceval and uses it in his quest for the graal.

Astorius Filius of Celeres of Bonisagus – Celeres “squire”, he is newly guantleted, his plans are unknown.

Edvard de Tours, Redcap – Senior Redcap in the Tribunal.

Rendard Fouinon and Hevre le Brun are 2 other Redcaps.


Quaerentes in Extremis seniormagus seniormagus