Covenant of Verdi in Roman Tribunal


The Domus Magna of House Verditius is on the island of Sardinia. It consists of a squat stone tower surrounded by six taller stone towers. The main tower is a patchwork affair, initially built over a sacred forge and repaired as it has aged. Six towers stand in a rough circle around the main tower, each named after the Primus who created it. A vast network of caves and tunnels is said to run underneath the site, and the sacred forge is said to lie somewhere within this labyrinth.

The entire complex is nestled in a wooded valley, surrounded by nuraghi, slender towers made of closely stacked stone, built by an unknown race in the distant past. Although only stacked stones, these are complex structures composed of interconnecting walls and multiple-turreted towers. These abandoned “proto-castles” dot the landscape of Northern Sardinia. Each also occupies a minor Magic aura, making Hermetic historians wonder about the identity of the builders. Whether the nuraghi created the magic auras or were built on existing auras, the fact remains that northern Sardinia is dotted with these auras.

Verdi is a thriving community, home to just over a hundred people. Six Verditius magi, including Primus Stouritas, make Verdi their permanent residence. There are at least ten other laboratories available to Verditius magi who might wish to study at Verditius for extended periods. Even with the large number of inhabitants, many of the towers remain vacant most of the time.

Covenant of Verdi in Roman Tribunal

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