Covenant of Vardian's Tomb in ROman Tribunal

Vardian’s Tomb

The covenant of Vardian’s Tomb is one of the smallest in the Roman Tribunal. It is located a few miles beyond the current boundary of Rome, in what was once the old city before Rome suffered the drastic and long term loss of population that has left it with only about 10,000 inhabitants. The old city is home to many ancient catacombs and graveyards, and it is said that in the early days of the Order Flambeau himself chased a group of Roman cultists (magi who refused to join the Order) into these catacombs. In an epic battle he killed them all and destroyed their most precious artifact: Vardian’s Skull. The battle and the skull’s destruction created a small Magic aura which persists to this day and is strong enough to overcome the Dominion aura which otherwise covers this region.

The Covenant must remain small due to the size of the aura, but has access to plentiful Vis sources in the tombs. It is made up of several Ex Miscellanea necromancers and House Jerbiton magi interested in relations with the Church in nearby Rome. The catacombs are said to be home to many wandering and potent spirits, and the Covenant’s necromancers spend much of their time researching the ancient Roman practice of Defixio Magic.

Current Members:

Fortunatus ex Jerbiton,
Luke ex Jerbiton,
Meles ex Criamon,
Rubaton ex Miscellenea
Tarith ex Miscellenea.

Covenant of Vardian's Tomb in ROman Tribunal

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