Covenant of Magvillus in Roman Tribunal

The Domus Magna of House Guernicus, Magvillus lies on the southern portion of the Apennine mountain range in the Kingdom of Sicily, upon a peak nine miles north of the town of Potenza. The highly secretive Covenant has almost no involvement with Tribunal politics. Unless invited, only Redcaps and Quaesitors are allowed in. Magi turning up at the gate will be given shelter in the reception house outside the walls while their request is considered. The outer ward is believed to contain the law library and council chambers in addition to guest quarters. Covenfolk live in a middle ward. While only Guernicus magi are allowed into the innermost ward (and then only at the invitation of the Inner Council), this part of the Covenant is rumored to contain the library of Fenicil and a number of specialized ritual chambers. It is also said that a vast network of underground chambers lie beneath the Covenant.

Born from the pessimism of Guernicus himself, the defenses of Magvillus are extreme. Its remote mountain locale and defensible position alone would make it virtually invulnerable to mundane attack. However, the fortress was conjured from bedrock of solid granite; its tall seamless construction is clearly not the work of human hands. Water is supplied magically and the Covenant has enough magically preserved food to last years. The Covenant is thought to have an Aegis of the Hearth of tenth magnitude, which can rise to fifteenth in times of conflict. The towers of Magvillus are thought to contain a number of ancient artifacts found by Fenicil; no one (save, presumably, for the House’s Inner Council) knows what they might do. During the four centuries of its existence, Magvillus has acquired many items of Hermetic enchantment. Its turb has access to many enchanted weapons and suits of armor. The elite guard carries potent enchanted devices capable of penetrating the Parma of magi. The most impressive of these enchantments are the automata provided by Verditius.

Even during the Schism War, Magvillus was never assaulted and its defenses remain untested.

The leader of Magvillus is Arliandus, Primus of Guernicus, head of the Traditionalist faction among the Quaesitors.

Magi By Houses: 1 Flambeau, 7 Guernicus, 1 Tytalus.

Current Members:

Adria ex Guernicus,
Denique ex Guernicus,
Ferilan ex Guernicus,
Friuli ex Guernicus,
Largen ex Guernicus,
Monferrato ex Guernicus,
Moeum ex Tytalus,
Procella ex Guernicus
Verox ex Verditius.

Covenant of Magvillus in Roman Tribunal

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