Covenant of Literatus in Roman Tribunal


Covenant of the Roman Tribunal. Currently an Autumn covenant.

Founded in 1001, Literatus is a large and active Covenant which has, for nearly 200 years, dedicated itself to bringing about unity between the Order of Hermes and the mundane world. Located about a dozen miles southwest of the university city of Bologna, Literatus is a Covenant of scholar-Magi who prize mundane knowledge just as highly as Hermetic Arts. All the Magi of Literatus are lay clergy, granted the privilege of teaching in Bologna. The Covenant itself stands on a fief of land granted by Pope Sylvester II (from Papal estates) at the time the Covenant was founded, and all its members – Magi and mundanes alike – are strict adherents to the Christian faith. Until 1180, the Covenant was based in a large townhouse in Bologna, but moved to its present location when the townhouse became too crowded. The townhouse is still occupied by Magi while they study or teach at the University. The leader of Literatus is Amberitus, Arch-Magus of Jerbiton, who is also well-known among mundane scholars as a expert in canon law. Magi By Houses: 8 Jerbiton

Current Members:

Amberitus ex Jerbiton
Arichis ex Jerbiton
Carlos ex Jerbiton
Duro ex Jerbiton
Exileratus ex Jerbiton
Favila ex Jerbiton
Gerbert ex Jerbiton
Roger ex Jerbiton

Covenant of Literatus in Roman Tribunal

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