Covenant of Harco - Roman Tribunal

The Domus Magna of House Mercere, Harco is located in Piedmont, in a small town very near the border with the Pronvecal and Rhine Tribunals. Mercere chose its location for its convenience, not its magical qualities, and it has almost no Magic aura. Instead, it is a center for Hermetic commerce, and there is an almost constant intercourse between the various Portals, warehouses and storerooms that make up the focus of the Redcap network. Carts bearing valuable goods from distant lands travel from Hibernia to the Holy Land, Novgorod to Iberia. Vis is catalogued and exchanged before being sent back to the different Tribunal’s coffers. Redcaps and records travel to and from the great library at Durenmar in the Rhine. Harco is the wealthiest Covenant in the Roman Tribunal, and its members bask in luxury. The place is a true crossroads of the Order. This giant business is shrewdly managed by Prima Insatella, who is nearly eighty and does not have the Gift.

The Covenant’s Grog turb is trained to perfection and equipped with the best arms money can buy. They man Harco’s ships as marines, guard Harco’s trade caravans and working Redcaps, protect Harco’s urban properties and defend the Covenant itself. Members of Harco have been known to boast that their Grogs are the equal of the Quaesitors’ Vigiles. Magi By Houses: 11 Mercere.

Current Notable Members:

Aldero ex Mercere
Antho ex Mercere
Elegans ex Mercere
Frederick ex Mercere
Harstein ex Mercere
Iris ex Mercere
Ostler ex Mercere,
Pipio ex Mercere
Spica ex Mercere
Tentare ex Mercere
Velox ex Mercere

Covenant of Harco - Roman Tribunal

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