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Covenant of Quaerentes

The Covenant of Quaerentes in Extremis is located in a magic regio that rests atop on Buchan Hill above Loch Trool in the Galloway Hills. The covenant site was originally discovered by Timmious ex Tremere of Vidu Vasta, as part of his survey of Roman Sites above Hadrian’s Wall. Initially, the site held little interest as it appeared deserted by its Roman garrison, removing its legionnaires from Coercis’ service. However, its powerful aura, isolation from mundanes, and proximity to all three British tribunals made it’s a good site to establish a new covenant.

Quaerentes in Extremis was established in the Spring of 1220 by Marcos of House Tremere, Fearghus, a Damhad Duidsan of Ex Miscellanea, and later joined by Sir Peleas of Merrinita.

Boons & Hooks

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The Regio

The Hill on which sits Quaerentes in Extremis is located on multiple levels of a magical region. The lower level is level 3 and the higher point, that houses the keep is level 5.


Geographically, Quaerentes in Extremis’ site on Buchan Hill sits at the base of the Merrick, the highest peak in southern Scotland and the anchor to the ridge of peaks known as the Awful Hand. Most travelers to the site take the road that follows the River Cree North from Creetown Ferry and Wigtown and crossing the bridge at the High Bridge into Bargnham and then taking the road to Glen Trool Village. From here, a small former Roman road leads past the Loch, under Buchan Hill and the "Rigg of Jarkness ": what is now the Southern Upland Way to and through the pass as a shortcut through the Galloway Hills to the former Roman station at the village of Saint John’s Town of Dalry.

A small road leads up the south face of Buchan Hill. To the west is Buchan Burn and a small trail leading along the marshy vale. A small bridge now crosses the ford at Buchan Burn and there is a fine waterfall just above it. Across Buhan Burn is another ridge from the Merrick called Benyellary. Gairland Burn is on the east and it leads up to the summit of Craignaw. Above Buchan Hill and the Covenant is the Merrick. The climb from Buchan Burn takes you up the Rig of the Gloom . Going along Buchan Ridge brings to the Grey Man of the Merrick from whence you could either follow the Buchan Burn back down or go up the Merrick on Redstone Rig.

The Defenses

The Covenant is defended by a motte and bailey defense, common of this time and place. The lower motte has a ditch surrounding a dirt rampart topped with a wooden stockade. The wood comes from the forest along Loch Trool beneath Buchan Hill. The bailey or keep is a square three story stone building situated on a higher dirt hill surrounded by another wood stockade. Plans are to add stone walls at some time.

The Buildings on Lower Level

The Bailey-Keep

Loch Trool Village

Covenant Details

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