Confluensis (Normandy – Cotentin peninsula)
The biggest Quaesitorial covenant in Normandy, the members of Confluensis are hand picked by the Inner Council of Magvillus. Members are chosen for their adherence and reverence to the Code of Hermes. This is so because they must keep order in possibly the most convoluted Tribunal in the whole Order, rife with conflict, both internal and external. Only two members are not magi of House Guernicus, a follower of Jerbiton and a Tytali. The covenant is located in a swamp on the Cotentin Peninsula, and built to look like a gigantic stone flower emerging from the swamp. Some say it is so because the original Guernici magi to found the covenant were part of the select Terrae Mystery Cult, believed by many to be the foremost Terram masters in the Order of Hermes



Proctor follower of Guernicus – at 93, Proctor is the Presiding Quaesitor of the Tribunal and the nominal leader of Confluensis following the death of Renita Bjornaer.

Aristarcus follower of Guernicus – filius of Proctor, he is the lead prosecutor and argues most of his own cases at Tribunal.

Cavillor follower of Guernicus – A younger member of the transitionalist party, he originally came from the Roman Tribunal.

Valerian follower of Guernicus – He is the chief hoplite and enforcer in the Tribunal.

Jerome of Jerbiton – Jerome is the Tribunals primary contact with the nobility. He spends most of his time traveling between the various courts.

Augustus of Tytalus “The Traitor” – Trained early on as the House Traitor and for duties of a hoplite, she advises the Quaesitors regarding the designs of the other covenants.


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