Cllffheart (Meath)
A covenant of sedate magi located on an island off the southeast comer of Hibernia, this covenant rests on a ledge on the side of the cliff that entirely circles this isle. The only physical access to Cliffheart is a precarious path reaching directly out of the ocean, up the side of the island, to the windswept perch above. The major passion of the CIiffheart magi is excavation and archeology. They travel little except to investigate old ruins, a practice that is their main source of raw vis. They are rumored to possess magical artifacts of Atlantean origin. What is certainly known is that they have learned much about the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancient race of faerie-like people who once ruled the island and live on in secret communities.

Generally, CIiffheart is respected among the covenants of Hibernia. They are, however, strictly isolationists who pay little heed to the matters of the outside world.
Much to Cliffheart’s shame, one of their magi was recently revealed to be a diabolist. He escaped the Wizards’ March that was called against him and his whereabouts are unknown.

An investigation by Quaesitoris has found no evidence of diabolism among the other magi of Cliffheart, but this disgraceful turn of events has led these magi to become even more reclusive.

Notable magi:


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