This is a small covenant that consists of a semi-mobile camp in the forested uplands of Auvergne, in the east of Aquitaine. It has been causing trouble amongst the other covenants of the Tribunal, stealing vis sources and interfering where they are unwanted. It’s members are mostly Brabançons, notorious for banditry. While it does have a Council Chamber, as demanded by the Peripheral Code, it clearly works more like a mercenary caravan.


Viviana ex Miscellanea – Viviana is the spiritual leader of the covenant, and is the filia of Aureliana, one of the founders of the covenant. She is in her 50s.

Jacques ex Flambeau – He leads the mercenary contingent of the covenant. He was apprenticed as Ex Miscellanea, but joined House Flambeau after his apprenticeship. He is in his 40s.

Tisiphone ex Tytalus – Tisiphone is in her 40s, and filia of Crius ex Tytalus. Crius took Tisisphone from her former master, Caltius ex Tytalus after slaying him in Wizard’s War. After her gauntlet, she swore revenge on Crius. She had hated her former master, and had wished to kill him herself, and does not forgive Crius for taking that chance away from her.

Thracius ex Miscellanea – Thracius is in his 30s, and the youngest mage of the covenant.


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