Atramentum Renatus

While now of mixed Houses, “Atramentum Reborn” was founded in Burgundy in 1201, when senior Tytali magi took Atramentum for themselves. It is actually a vassal of Expectatio, not Fudarus, but there is not much difference in practice.


Helios of Tytalus – Is co leader with Gulo.

Gulo Midusulfis Bjornaer – Has a wolf heartbeast and is known for making sport by attacking farms.

Kybella of Tytalus – filius to Helios, Kybella is Tytalan theurgist fascinated with the schemes of rthe former covenant Bribracte, which developed a Diedne cult around the Gaulish King Vercingetorix. She is a termporary member and has been using Atramentum Renatus as a base for her explorations.

Iacula of Bonisagus – researches projectile motion and its martial uses with magic.

Phillip Ex Miscellanea – is a Donatores from Requies Aeterna and has recently joined this Covenant. He is interested in the spirits being stirred up by Kybella.

Atramentum Renatus

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