Ancient Stanes, Cairns, Cups and Rings

standingstones.jpgCovering almost 6500 square km, the region has a wide variety of stone circles, standing stones, named stones, cairns and chambered cairns, the latter not found elsewhere in southern Scotland. To date around 20 sites have been visited, photographed and recorded by the author leaving more than 60 known sites listed for future trips and an unknown number of sites such as cairns and prehistoric rock art, still to be looked at for possible inclusion. This region offer arguably some of the most interesting and spectacular ancient stones in Scotland and there are plenty of opportunities for the stone hunter to find lost sites.

Ancient Stones

Famhair Stane
Caves of Kilhern, New Luce.
Drumtroddan Standing Stones, Monreith
Drumtroddan Cup and Ring Marked Rocks, Monreith

Hole Stone, Crouse, Wigtown.
Stone, Whithorn Priory, Whithorn.
Stone Setting, Kirkmabreck, Creetown.
Cairn, Kirkmabreck, Creetown.
Torhouse Stone Circle, Wigtown.
Standing Stones, Torhouskie, Wigtown.

Cairnholy I, Kirkdale, Creetown.
Cairnholy II, Kirkdale, Creetown.
Glenquicken Stone Circle, Creetown.

Grange Stone Markings, Kirkcudbright
Drummore* Stone Circle
Drummore Castle* Stone Circle

Torrs 2* Rock Art
High Banks Southern Cairn* Cairn (NX70394934)
High Banks Farm* Rock Art (NX70914895)
High Banks Northern Cairn* Cairn (NX70454947)
Knockshinnie Stone Circle (NX681450)
Galtway Hill Cairn (NX71294845)

Little Balmae Stone Circle (NX680440)
Castlecreavie Stone Fort or Dun (NX72544894)
Carse Moat* Hillfort (NX69555336)
Tongue Croft* Rock Art (NX60334836)
Tongland Stones Standing Stones (NX69965609)
Tongland Marked Stone Rock Art (NX70475685)
Holy Well (Parton) Holy Well or Sacred Spring (NX696570)
Anwoth* Class I Pictish Symbol Stone (NX58915603)
Trusty’s Hill Hillfort (NX588560)
Rutherford’s Well* Holy Well or Sacred Spring (NX58395621)
Lairdmannoch* Stone Circle (NX662614)
High Auchenlarie* Stone Circle (NX539534)
Ernespie Stone Circle (NX77476321)

Twelve Apostles Stone Circle, Dumfries

Chambered Cairn, Boreland, Newton Stewart.
Creebridge Cairn, Newton Stewart

Girdlestanes, Eskdalemuir.
Loupin’ Stanes, Eskdalemuir.
Stone, Loupin’ Stanes, Eskdalemuir.
Whitecastles Stone Circle, Langholm.

Bannock Stane, Moffat.
Standing Stones, Dyce, Moffat
Standing Stone, Poldean, Moffat.
Standing Stone, Newton, Moffat.

Ancient Stanes, Cairns, Cups and Rings

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