Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1220
The Hunt

The latest storyline “The Hunt” has turned out to be a doozey. Fearghus’ friend and woodland guide Sweet Gille was approached by David, the steward to local nobles household, who was desperate for help to save his lord. The lord’s son had recently been killed on an expedition to hunt a legendary beast – the Black Boar of the Bog, who aggressively guards the tangled bog and forest that run along the Glen Luce Sands. The young man was not the campaigner that his father wanted to be and learning of this beast, he decided to gain his father’s respect by slaying it. things did not go according to plan. The young man was supposedly killed, while his 2 attendant’s fled home and reported the mishap. Racked with grief, the youth’s father vowed vengeance against the beast and set off to kill it himself. The steward fearing the final outcome, sought assistance from Gille, who he know as a seasoned tracker and hunter.

Gille knew that this was the type of adventure that his friend Fearghus would love so he asked him to help. Fearghus offered a slot to the new mage at the Covenant Marcus of Tremere. They took Gille, the burn-scarred grog Claude, and servant woman Annie (to handle the camp duties, and who may also be sweet on Sweet Gille) along and tried to get to Glen Luce before the lord. Soon after passing the Glen Luce Abbey, they arrived at the Lord’s camp just inside the swamp. It was determined that they would assist the lord on his hunt. The next day, they ventured deeper into the bog. The Glen Luce Bog

Once Gille and the lord’s hounds found the boar’s trail they moved even deeper, until they found a cold white hand raised from a shallow burn (stream). They had found the unlucky young hunter. The father was even more dedicated to bring this boar to its end.

The steward and one of the lord’s men-at-arms took the body back to their base camp. They were accompanied by Marcus and the serving girl Annie, while the rest of the two groups ventured deeper after the boar’s trail. When he had a chance, Marcus called forth the ghost of the young man, and learned that David was the one who had planted the idea of the board hunt in the youth’s mind. Under questioning by Marcus and Annie, David didn’t deny this fact, but insisted that he didn’t think that the boy was brave enough to undertake this quest for respect and said he tried to dissuade the boy from going.

Fearghus , Gille, Claude and the lord and his party all stopped to make camp. The going had been hard and treacherous amongst the twisted trees and shifting marsh grasses. Stopping for the night, the party just collapsed barely making camp. During the night, a loud noise cam from the brush. Fear crept into the souls of everyone there, and without a moments thought, Fearghus , Gille, Claude and one of the lord’s men at arms fled along with the few dogs that could break free from their tethers. The lord and his houndmaster and one other stood to face the charging beast. The last thing Fearghus saw as he fled was a great black boar, as tall as a man, with red tusks and yellow eyes. The Black Boar

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