Quaerentes in Extremis

Summer 1227 - Loch Leglean Tribunal

Pre-Tribunal Prep

I want to thank Aaron, Nick and Patrick for making it. We missed you Adam. The magi held a council meeting to make their plans for the upcoming Tribunal. First the voted to allow Sion ex Merinita to join the Covenant. The Irish wizard had few belongings to bring with him when he was found stranded on that rock, so the members discussed what services he could perform. Looks like he plans to make the land around the covenant more bountiful and will likely be assigned a task to improve the groups brewing capabilities.

It was also decided that since Marcus did not have a vote and was the Praeco of the Querentis in Extremis, he would appear as the voice for the covenant. It was also decided that Marcus would be accompanies by Feargus because he knew lots of the Damhaim Duidsen, it would be Sion’s introduction to the rest of the Tribunal, and finally, Sophia and Francois would go to handle to politics off the stage.

The magi reviewed their vis and library to determine what they needed to try to obtain from the other covenants. Marcus also pondered the letter from Whitburh Frithowebba, ex Guernicius, the only quaesitor in Loch Leglean. It seemed to suggest a possible threat and aid in exchange for support at Tribunal. The mages wondered support for what? Feargus was going to see what books their scribe had copied during the last 4 seasons.

It was decided that Eckhart would remain in Galloway to watch the covenant and prepare for his journey to the distant east and the Ironwood in search for answers about the sword obtained for Regulas ex Tytalus. He was also having the scribe copy Regulas journal to take with him as a guide (this will take the summer season). As support the magi would bring Anne the Steward, Visnya, Hamish, Seamish, Sweet Gille and Garrett. They also brought Galera the “former” Redcap to stand trial for murdering Rufus ex Mercere and possibly consorting with something evil to regain her lost use of magic. Marcus used the faerie “wedding” ring taken from the finger of baby Tomas to put the Prisoner to sleep.

The session ended after the four magi arrived at the Tribunal Site, and participated in the opening ceremony the next day. They seemed to enjoy checking out the magical items. The Tribunal meeting was held in the old ring fort built by Parlix in her war to conquer the British Isles.


The next day the topics for discussion will be announced. This is when all of the members of the Tribunal bring forth their proclamations, legal complaints, and issues to be resolved by the Tribunal.


seniormagus seniormagus

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