• "Sweet" Gille

    "Sweet" Gille

    Grog, Hunter, Tracker, Woodsman, Lover of the Ladies, Outlaw
  • Annie of Wigtown

    Annie of Wigtown

    This small maid is deeply curious about books and her low status belies her sharp intellegence.
  • Bjorn Killsgaard

    Bjorn Killsgaard

    Captain of the Sjor-bjorn
  • Claude


    Grog Soldier, Scarred and burned he takes out his anger on his opponents.
  • Eckhart Hildebrand of Tytalus

    Eckhart Hildebrand of Tytalus

    He is most interested in discovery of new and powerful magic, not studying what was already known, but by setting forth into the darkest places where none had dared to adventure before.
  • Fearghus Innish (Mac Monadh)

    Fearghus Innish (Mac Monadh)

    Powerful giant blooded mage, who seeks fame in battle with his enemies or those he sees as agents of the infernal. However, this driven crusader carries a dark secret that he is not fully aware of, one that could shatter his beliefs and principles.
  • Francois Orlon

    Francois Orlon

    A widely traveled Minstrel, apprenticed Redcap, and General gossiper, Purveyor of pertinent information.
  • Garrett Trueford

    Garrett Trueford

    Doctor by day, businessman by night.
  • Hammish McDougal

    Hammish McDougal

    This grog has 3 years as a Gallowglass mercenary. Talkative, he rambles on telling stories in his incomprehensible local dialect. With a reputation as being strong as an ox, Hammish often breaks things accidentally due to his great strength.
  • Marcus of Tremere

    Marcus of Tremere

    A dark young man from Transylvania and a member of House Tremere, his interest with the spirit world and summoning could lead him back down the dark diabolic path his family, a noble house outside Rome, followed to their destruction.
  • Rissa Linette

    Rissa Linette

    Former Prostitute who excels as a Blacksmith
  • Seamus McDougal

    Seamus McDougal

    The younger of two brother mercenaries, Seamus follows his brother keeping the him out of trouble.
  • Visnja the Maid

    Visnja the Maid

    Marcus' maid and bodyguard
  • Alan FitzRoland DECEASED 1223

    Alan FitzRoland DECEASED 1223

    Alan FitzRoland: Lord of Galloway,hereditary Constable of Scotland, and unofficial patron of the Covenant
  • Brother Padrig

    Brother Padrig

    Residing at Glen Luce Abbey, Padrig may be new to the cloth, but this older veteran brings his desire for compasion and justice to the people he tends to.
  • Dagwort the Turb Sergeant

    Dagwort the Turb Sergeant

    "Marry, sir, they have committed false report; moreover, they have spoken untruths; secondarily, they are slanders; sixth and lastly, they have belied a lady; thirdly, they have verified unjust things; and, to conclude, they are lying knaves."
  • Davros Ex Tremere

    Davros Ex Tremere

    Dark like the Transylvanian forests he explored as an apprentice at Coercis, Davros seeks to fulfill his Houses' mission in the difficult terrain of Scotland as the founding member of Quaerentes in Extremis.
  • Earc Bjornaer

    Earc Bjornaer

    A Scottish Bjornaer with the Heartbeast of the Golden Eagle.
  • Jean the Baker

    Jean the Baker

    An amzong french baker who braved his fear of faeries to follow his true love to Scotland.
  • Masquerade the White Wolf

    Masquerade the White Wolf

    Masquerade is a White She-Wolf and animal companion to Davros ex Tremere
  • Rhynn of Poyls

    Rhynn of Poyls

    A quiet scribe hired by the Covenant to add to its library. Married to Jean the Baker.
  • Thomas FitzRoland

    Thomas FitzRoland

    Or Tomás Mac Uchtraigh, was a Gall-Gaidhil prince and adventurer and brother of Alan, Lord of Galloway.
  • Waldmizer ex Verditius

    Waldmizer ex Verditius

    German Verditius wizard focused on the forest and all things wooden.