Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1220 Continued

The Hunt; Part 2

Marcus of Tremere heard the sound of something large crashing through the woods toward their camp. He gathered his claok and ready his spells, just as a huge fearful beast came bursting onto the scene – Fearghus! The giant wizard’s eyes were white with fear. Hoarse from running, Fearghus was muttering something about a beast that had he had to flee. He could nto decsribe what had happened only that he felt the need to flee and had been running (the four hour distance) throughout the evening.

Falling back on on his strongest form, Marcus wove a spontaneous rego-muto spell to calm his soldales. The others in the camp were woken and plied Feargus with questions. It appears that the Black Boar had came on their camp, preceeded by a wave of fear that swept up Fearghus Ex Misc, Sweet Gillie, Claude the Grog and at least one of Sir Edgar’s man-at-arms. The son was soon rising, so Marcus, Feargus, and Sir Edgar’s remaining man-at-arms decided to return to Sir Edgar’s camp. Because of the danger, Annie was left at the base camp with David, Sir. Edgar’s steward and the body of Sir Edgar’s son.

On their way back, the group of mages encountered Claude and Gillie. Casting an Aura of Enobled Presence, Marcus ordered the men to stop fleeing and to follow him. The rise of the sun ended the spell cast by the Black Boar but a linger of trepdidation remained. Fearghus remembered the importance of his parma magica and performed his morning sheidling ritual. Marcus did the same. Once they found Sir. Edgar’s camp, the place was in shambles. The knight was found under the roots of an overturned tree, where he had scrampled after being struck by the boar and loosing his spear. Fallen Tree Fortunately, he had pulled the wounded Tall Borou, his huntsman in soon after and both survived the Blakc Boar’s destruction of their camp. Fearghus cast a PeHe spell rotting the roots to more easily extract the lord and his man. Then Feargus did what he could magically to bind the two men’s wounds, but regreted that he could not offer a permenent healing.

Now better armed (martially, magically, and with more caution) the party journeyed deeper into the bog. They crossed an interesection of streams comming from a pond and noticed that they were in a magical aura of 1. Going deeped they ran across a grass bog, on the other side of which was a darker forest, circling a great oak tree. Before entering the forest, the mages made sure that the boar’s tracks led that way. Feargus rubbed ogham runes beneath his eyes and cast MuCo Eyes of the Cat. He did the same for Gillie, Claude and Marcus before offering the same spell to Sir. Edgar and his men. They also soon learned that the aura under the forest canopy was level 5.

Once inside the forest they saw more animals, that appeared without fear of the human intruders. They also saw the Black Boar resting beneath the might oak tree. Boar’s Oak Preparing for his charge, Fearghus began making a circle that crossed their trail and part of the clearning. When the Boar plowed through he missed Fearghus and struck after the rest of the money. Gillie’s bowstring broke and he had to stay out of the way. Marcus held back ready to stop any man from fleeing. He had to counter the Boar’s magica a few times.

When combat ensued, it was Claude, screaming “Bacon!” that struck most often with his poleaxe. The firescarred grog battled on, even after he slipped under the Board and lost his axe. Edgar and his Man at Arms were able to land crippling blows to the Boar as well. Eventually the great beast, which stood higher than the largest horses was brought down. Marcus and Fearghus had Gillie and Borou dress the kill and in an act of chivalry offered Edgar the chamion’s portion of the beast. However, they kept the monster’s two tusk, which held 4 pawns of animal vis each.


seniormagus seniormagus

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