Quaerentes in Extremis

Summer 1225 - The Champion's Portion

The Champions Portion – this story involves a magical journey to Ireland in the midst of political unrest, hermetic intrigue and legendary heroes to obtain a great source of vis.


After traveling back to Ireland with Aedh O’Connor and meeting with his fian, the party went in search of the portal stones and the access to the magic sources the witch spoke of. The magi present are Feargus, Sealgir and Marcus. After using the rune stones found in the construction rubble, the party opened a portal into the Faerie Realm, and into another time. the party found themselves before the gates of Bricui’s Hostel at Dun Rudraige, which happens to be on the same site as the current fort Dundrum Castle, which is currently being fortfiied by the English and their allies against a likely attack of the Irish Norman Lord Hugh deLacy and his Irish allies.

Dun_Rudraige.jpg]]Inside they found the trickster faerie host Bricui challenging the famed Heroes of Ulsters, beings of legend, to determine who is the greatest among them. This kept them fighting among themselves. It also meant that each challenger who won received a silver armband worth 1 pawn of terram vis and so did the judge. The magi decided to compete among the heroes. With Feargus winning most like one of the giant Heroes.

They also learned that someone was killing off the servants of the Heroes. It was most likely the Flambeau who had been following them trying to get into the regio.

After Fergus (who had won every contest against the Heroes of Ulster with some crazy over the top tricks) chickened out in the face of the Giant Uath’s ax. However, Selgir the Bjornaer (who may be leaving the covenant to study in the forest nearby) decided that if the final contest required that he put his head on the chopping block, he would was brave enough to do it. None of the Heroes from Ulster or any of the members of the PC’s party were that brave. (Spoiler alert: the giant let the mage cut his head off. But then he returned the next morning to swing his ax at the mage’s heard but reversed his ax blade so that it didn’t cut the Bjornaer’s neck). The last story “The Champion’s Portion” finished unexpectedly. Congratulations to Selgir and his player Adam S, for putting it all out there.

The final results where 3 gold arm bands with 1 pawn of teram vis each for Fergus, 1 gold arm band for Selgir of teram vis and the Champions Portion, a hind of beef that contains 15 pawns of animal vis! Every Mage got 10 xp and Sealgir got an extra confidence point.

GM NOTE: Remember there are basically different kinds of vis. Generally, raw vis is magical power given physical shape. Raw vis is the manifestation, or some would say the residue, of pure magic. As the stuff of magic, Raw Vis can be used in powerful ritual spells and allows magi to do magical feats that would otherwise be impossible. Magi treasure and trade raw vis much like mundanes do gold. Then there are some exceptional forms of raw vis.
Lesser Enchantment Vis – is a rare variety of raw vis acts like a naturally-occurring lesser enchanted device.
Spell-like Vis – This exceptional raw vis can be expended to create a magical effect similar to a formulaic or ritual spell.
Dedicated Vis – is especially useful for one type of activity, either casting spells, studying in the laboratory, or enchanting items. An InVim Lv5 Spell can tell you the nature of vis and whether it is exceptional vis. IF the vis source is legendary chances are it is exceptional. Exceptional vis can be used once to create some kind of magical effect. This is how many hedge wizards use magic – by using vis like a one time magic item.


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