Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1223

The Bastard of Galloway

While the Patriots were letting the air out of the Seahawks hopes for a National Championship, the magi at the covenant were called to assist their benefactor Lord Alan FitzRoland, Lord of Galloway and Constable to the King of Scotland. A tragic attack had occurred at his capital Cruggleton Castle, where 4 of his nights apparently killed his wife Margaret of Huntingdon and kidnapped his 1 year old bastard Thomas. It was not clear why someone would take the child, much less kill the women who was not his mother.

The Magus Marcus accepted the challenge and taking Visnja and Vichengo he invited the Maga Sophia Bonisagus to assist with the investigation. She took Anne to help interpret. Magus Feargus sent Sweet Gille, knowing that his knowledge of the area and wilderness skills may come in handy. Marcus wanted to make a good impression on the powerful noble as well as protect the vis site found at the old arch on the castle’s grounds.

The party interviewed the Lord, servants and collected gossip. Marcus summoned the shade of Margaret before she was buried and learned that there was a mystery surrounding the bastard Thomas’ origins. She said Alan brought him home about 4 months ago by ship. He never revealed Thomas’ mother’s name. He also took note of her concern for her daughters still at their estate at Buittle Castle. Marcus quickly wrote a note to Feargus and sent it my messenger back to Covenant. Feargus made plans to travel to Buittle Castle.

Posing the Silent Question cast on Alan revealed Thomas’ birthplace as the shores of an island most likely Arran and the name Neria.

During this time the bodies of the 4 missing knights were found in a wooded area at the bottom of a vale on the road to the Machers. This vale had an enduring fog that Gille knew was unnatural. Marcus’ second sight confirmed this as well. The knights had been dead for 2 months. So who had road out on the North Road with the child?

Using the child’s clothes collected by Sophia, Marcus was able to pinpoint the child to a forest. After a day and a half they arrived. Crossing a river through the middle of the forest, Marcus knew instantly they were in a faerie wood. Sophia confirmed it, noting an Aura of 4. Venturing into the faerie woods Sophia and Sweet Gille noticed they were being followed by horsemen. As they were about to enter a clearing in the forest bows were drawn behind them and the party was ordered to stop. Looking back they saw half a dozen Centaur archers.


seniormagus seniormagus

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