Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1223 - Faerie Queen

Where we left off, Sophia has returned from her trip to visit the different Merinitae that have information about Lady Cecelia and the Galloway Fey. Fergus and Marcus have asked the Bishop of Whithorn (aka Candida Casa) to determine the validity of the marriage between The Faerie Queen and Thomas the Bastard of Galloway. In addition, they have mobilized Cruggleton Castle to host a Tournament. We will assume that it is set for late Spring after Lent and invitations have been sent out.

During this Time The Faerie Queen has been active, sending her faerie heralds and centaurs to the edges of Galloway informing the populace of the death of Alan and the marriage and ascension of his son Thomas. Most people seem pleased as she has waived all taxes for this year in memory of Alan.

However, many of the nobles have voiced concerns. This is especially true for the lords who are not long native of Galloway and come from other parts of Scotland, England, and France. While many have married into Galloway noble families, some have a more tenuous connection to the land and celtic traditions. They have voiced concerns about a bastard inheriting when there are three legitimate daughters, one of whom is married to the powerful Roger d’ Quincy 2nd Earl of Winchester and the other is betrothed to John Baliol of Barnard Castle in County Durham, England. De Quincy has only taken control of his deceased father’s lands in 1221 since he was away on the 5th Crusade.


seniormagus seniormagus

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