Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1223

The Faerie Queen

While the game was short last week, it saw big changes to the political and magical landscape in Scotland. Alan FitzRoland, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland, and the number 2 general of the realm, was killed by Lady Cecilia’s Faerie Knights. They were able to enter his castle grounds and caught him when he only had a couple of men at arms beside him. While one Faerie Knight kept the 2 guards occupied (without killing either I note), the second knight dueled with Alan. The Lord appeared evenly matched but a impressive move (a critical roll) left the Lord of Galloway incapacitated. Because one Faerie Knight had a moment of chivalry and could not kill the Lord as he lay bleeding, the other knight finished him off. (Aaron and Nick played the Faerie Knights against Adam S’s Alan).

During the time, the Marcus of Tremere and the party in the forest learned a bit more about the Faerie Queen Cecelia. They learned that she had once been married to another fey lord, who she appears to have “outlived”. They also met a faerie butler called Guma who claimed to have been the “cupbearer” of the old faerie lord. He seemed to know much of the goings on at the court.

Fearing that the Lord of Galloway was also in danger (after Cecelia let it slip that he was), sent Gille out of the forest to try to warn the man. But it was too late. Marcus then made his way from the remains of the wedding party and headed out of the forest with the rest of the group of companions and grogs.


seniormagus seniormagus

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