Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1221

The Cross on the Shore or The Caerryan Mystery

The Covenant was contacted by a magus in another Tribunal about a former companion who feared a supernatural threat on his life. The former companion was Sir Gilbert Montrey, the lord of Castle Kennedy and the fishing hamlet of Caerryan on eastern shore of Loch Ryan.

His young wife had drowned on the nearby beach three years ago, and he always maintained a vigil on the anniversary of her death. Recently, a troupe of players came through his lands and among their acrobats and knife throwers they had a mystic woman who read his and his steward’s future including his imminent death’ at another’s hands.’ She told his steward that he would pass before Sir Gilbert. After the steward’s body was discovered on the beach where Gilbert’s wife died, the local lord clearly feared the same would befall him.

As a favor Marcus and Fearghus answered the call for help. They engaged a Norwegian ship captain, Bjornn, and rowed to Caerryan. There they interviewed the lord and his servants. They were accosted by wild animals turned ferocious by some magic, which they later learned was the work of some sea faeries. Having settled on Stephen Argile, the local village leader as the suspect, they lost their suspect when their arcane connection to him appeared to flee the area for the high moors above Castle Kennedy. Refusing to leave the proximity of Sir Gilbert, the party were forced to defend him from the sea folk as they rushed the shore to drag Gilbert and some of his men into the surf to drown during his overnight vigil. In the rising mist, their Argile also attacked. The party had learned away from GIlbert that Argile had been the lover of Gilbert’s wife, the Lady Alicia and had drowned her out of jealousy. They defeated the sea folk and Feargus killed Argile with his war hammer. Marcus quickly summoned Argile’s shade and questioned it with threats of harm to his soul.

Later the party journeyed into the Moor to learn the fate of the lost arcane connection. Argile had used some sort of faerie trick as they were in cahoots to send it with a dog that belonged to two strangers camping on the moor. Confronted, the strangers revealed that they were William Montrey the long lost brother of Gilbert who had been lost during the crusade and presumed dead along with his scots bowman John of Orkney. With this family reunion, William Montrey swore assistance to the covenant if it was ever needed. Gilbert also offered the covenant the vis (aurum) rights to the Seer’s Cave, a steam producing hole a short Cliffside walk from Caerryan.


seniormagus seniormagus

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