Quaerentes in Extremis

Winter 1220-1221

Church of St. Lazarus

The Church of St. Lazarus

In the late Winter of 1221, the magi set out for Berwick on Tweed, where Marcus and Fearghus retrieved a shipment of lab ware from the Venetian trader Giovanni. In addition, Marcus’ maid and bodyguard Viznja arrived on the same ship from the Mediterranean, and the two were reunited. The two wizards had brought the McDoughal brothers Hammish and Seamish along as guards and company.

Following their meeting with Trader Giovanni, Fearghus was approached by a monk who introduced himself as Brother Paedrick, a monk from Glen Luce Abbey. The older monk believed he had seen Fearghus or at least a much larger version of the man who stood before him in Berwick. Fearghus said that he had been at the abbey but he didn’t comment on the size, which the Scottish wizard now controlled with the MuCo spell Preternatural Growth, which he had invented over the Winter.

The trip back to the covenant was generally uneventful except for the shadowing of the party as they traveled through the Cheviot Hills and the lands under the domain of the Covenant Horsingus. Neither wizard wanted to test the hospitality of these Saxon wizards or the limits of the Code, so they moved on. After crossing the river at Dumfries, the party discovered a body floating in one of the tributaries that had to be crossed by a ford. The body was that of a teenaged girl. The monk, claimed to be trained in the healing arts and the ways of the body and so he examined the chilled corpse. She had suffered from the pox before death, but had also been mutilated along her back. Strange symbols were carved in her flesh, but they appeared to have occurred after her death.
Curious and needing a breach in travel, the magi suggested that Brother Paedrick accompany them farther up stream to see where the body came from. They could return the corpse to her family and maybe explore the sinister markings they had seen on the body. So the party marched onward.

At village of Trauquer, the party first encountered a stone church of some size with a small village behind it. …


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