Quaerentes in Extremis

Spring 1225 - Mound of Crom Dubh

The Mound of Crom Dubh – 8 xp for Marcus and Feargus. 4 xp for Sealgir.

We made some adjustments to the story to better integrate it into the setting. I think it made it more concrete. For example, the Abbey visited was Melrose Abbey. (an interesting fact is that King Arthur is supposedly buried in the Eildon Hills, which overlook the village). The two feuding families were the more established Hume and The Scott. These borderland clan chiefs act as feudal nobles. The party did more research in the church archives of the abbey and interviewed Father Lachlann in more detail. Once they had enough information, they journeyed to the mound with the aid of The Hume’s son Thomas.

Once they found they mound using second sight they entered an opened cave entrance and journeyed through four different regios. Each one presented a different level of danger.

On the first level, there was nothing but a straight path that was clearly aligned with the son on St. Brigid’s day. This was the day the Mage Crispin ventured to the mound. On the second level, they found some of Crispin’s grogs dead. Around them more revenant bodies. Marcus attempted to summon the ghost of one of the grogs but made a rare botch and summoned a demon that possessed one of the corpses. It was a fearful start to their explorations. Demon’s Eternal Oblivion exercised the revenant and they learned more from the grog’s ghost. Each level could be passed through either by a sacrifice or by use of second sight.

On the third region, they encountered a carnal pit for blood sacrifices and a three headed vulture demon. It was fearsome, but it botched its effort to instill fear, and the overconfident Gille killed it with one bow shot. On the fourth level, they found gold and jewel offerings but left them undisturbed. Finding Crispin’s body the party retreated through the regios, and Fergus brought the stone ceiling of each passageway down behind them. Once outside they observed Hume and Scott horsemen skirmishing. However, the Hume were victorious and they took Thomas Hume with them and allowed the magi to leave un molested satisfied that there should be no more new revenants walking the bog between them and the Scotts.

Spring 1223 - Faerie Queen

Where we left off, Sophia has returned from her trip to visit the different Merinitae that have information about Lady Cecelia and the Galloway Fey. Fergus and Marcus have asked the Bishop of Whithorn (aka Candida Casa) to determine the validity of the marriage between The Faerie Queen and Thomas the Bastard of Galloway. In addition, they have mobilized Cruggleton Castle to host a Tournament. We will assume that it is set for late Spring after Lent and invitations have been sent out.

During this Time The Faerie Queen has been active, sending her faerie heralds and centaurs to the edges of Galloway informing the populace of the death of Alan and the marriage and ascension of his son Thomas. Most people seem pleased as she has waived all taxes for this year in memory of Alan.

However, many of the nobles have voiced concerns. This is especially true for the lords who are not long native of Galloway and come from other parts of Scotland, England, and France. While many have married into Galloway noble families, some have a more tenuous connection to the land and celtic traditions. They have voiced concerns about a bastard inheriting when there are three legitimate daughters, one of whom is married to the powerful Roger d’ Quincy 2nd Earl of Winchester and the other is betrothed to John Baliol of Barnard Castle in County Durham, England. De Quincy has only taken control of his deceased father’s lands in 1221 since he was away on the 5th Crusade.

Spring 1223
The Faerie Queen

While the game was short last week, it saw big changes to the political and magical landscape in Scotland. Alan FitzRoland, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland, and the number 2 general of the realm, was killed by Lady Cecilia’s Faerie Knights. They were able to enter his castle grounds and caught him when he only had a couple of men at arms beside him. While one Faerie Knight kept the 2 guards occupied (without killing either I note), the second knight dueled with Alan. The Lord appeared evenly matched but a impressive move (a critical roll) left the Lord of Galloway incapacitated. Because one Faerie Knight had a moment of chivalry and could not kill the Lord as he lay bleeding, the other knight finished him off. (Aaron and Nick played the Faerie Knights against Adam S’s Alan).

During the time, the Marcus of Tremere and the party in the forest learned a bit more about the Faerie Queen Cecelia. They learned that she had once been married to another fey lord, who she appears to have “outlived”. They also met a faerie butler called Guma who claimed to have been the “cupbearer” of the old faerie lord. He seemed to know much of the goings on at the court.

Fearing that the Lord of Galloway was also in danger (after Cecelia let it slip that he was), sent Gille out of the forest to try to warn the man. But it was too late. Marcus then made his way from the remains of the wedding party and headed out of the forest with the rest of the group of companions and grogs.

Spring 1223
The Bastard of Galloway

While the Patriots were letting the air out of the Seahawks hopes for a National Championship, the magi at the covenant were called to assist their benefactor Lord Alan FitzRoland, Lord of Galloway and Constable to the King of Scotland. A tragic attack had occurred at his capital Cruggleton Castle, where 4 of his nights apparently killed his wife Margaret of Huntingdon and kidnapped his 1 year old bastard Thomas. It was not clear why someone would take the child, much less kill the women who was not his mother.

The Magus Marcus accepted the challenge and taking Visnja and Vichengo he invited the Maga Sophia Bonisagus to assist with the investigation. She took Anne to help interpret. Magus Feargus sent Sweet Gille, knowing that his knowledge of the area and wilderness skills may come in handy. Marcus wanted to make a good impression on the powerful noble as well as protect the vis site found at the old arch on the castle’s grounds.

The party interviewed the Lord, servants and collected gossip. Marcus summoned the shade of Margaret before she was buried and learned that there was a mystery surrounding the bastard Thomas’ origins. She said Alan brought him home about 4 months ago by ship. He never revealed Thomas’ mother’s name. He also took note of her concern for her daughters still at their estate at Buittle Castle. Marcus quickly wrote a note to Feargus and sent it my messenger back to Covenant. Feargus made plans to travel to Buittle Castle.

Posing the Silent Question cast on Alan revealed Thomas’ birthplace as the shores of an island most likely Arran and the name Neria.

During this time the bodies of the 4 missing knights were found in a wooded area at the bottom of a vale on the road to the Machers. This vale had an enduring fog that Gille knew was unnatural. Marcus’ second sight confirmed this as well. The knights had been dead for 2 months. So who had road out on the North Road with the child?

Using the child’s clothes collected by Sophia, Marcus was able to pinpoint the child to a forest. After a day and a half they arrived. Crossing a river through the middle of the forest, Marcus knew instantly they were in a faerie wood. Sophia confirmed it, noting an Aura of 4. Venturing into the faerie woods Sophia and Sweet Gille noticed they were being followed by horsemen. As they were about to enter a clearing in the forest bows were drawn behind them and the party was ordered to stop. Looking back they saw half a dozen Centaur archers.

Winter 1222
Council Meeting and Welcome Sophia Trianomae

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